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客演参加 JOE IRON "Asiatic" Alien Ninjaz (feat. OZworld)

New album “Asiatic” available now!

Stream now:

1. Minasama! (feat. Jiro)

2. Enough Is Enough (feat. TAKUMA the Great)

3. Kimi WaLoo (feat. Len Kinjo as Lotus, Ganafii & Bear Motes)

4. Alien Ninjaz (feat. OZworld)

5. 2017 Good Love (feat. Pablo Blasta & Direcky)

6. Make Up / Break Up (feat. Joe Chatan)

7. Lonely Tokyo Girls

8. TEARS (feat. Indie Szuffing & ROOZ)

9. WARP (feat. Marian Mint)

10. Back Forth Sideways (Remix) [feat. Iakopo & JASMINE]

11. AZN

12. Kabuki Trap Version 2a (feat. 4KABUKI3)

13. Onslaught (feat. TAKUMA the Great)

14. Tarinai (feat. Montana Joe Carter)

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